Meeting The Challenge For Over Sixty Years

Sanitherm has been in business for over 60 years. The following is a short history of the transformations which have taken place since 1946.

Sanitherm Inc. was originally formed to represent the Chicago Pump Company in Canada. Chicago Pump was a leader in the Wastewater Treatment Industry and over the years developed many innovations for treating sewage. Sanitherm continues to represent firms with innovative technology, including Chicago Pump, and also manufactures its own packaged Potable Water and Wastewater plants utilizing a variety of treatment technologies.

Sanitherm works exclusively in the Water and Wastewater Treatment Industry, including ultra-pure water. Since its inception, Sanitherm has been involved in more than three hundred and fifty installations and now builds, installs and operates packaged sewage treatment plants. Sanitherm has supplied mechanical treatment equipment to many industrial plants and most municipalities throughout British Columbia.

Sanitherm came from humble beginnings with only a handful of employees working at the company. Sixty years later the company has almost 30 employees and a new 32,000 sq ft office and warehouse space. Sanitherm is making room for future expansion and growth and now has an office in the United States.


Sanitherm's past President Ken Pedlow in the 70's

First Plant

Sanitherm's First Plant Penticton, BC, 1946