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Westpoint DOL Motor Pool – Wastewater Treatment Plant

West Point, New York

Design Flow

26.5 m3/d or 7,000 GPD

Design Influent

230 mg/l BOD5, 570 mg/l COD, 570 mg/l TSS and 35 mg/l TN

Effluent Quality

Designed to meet stringent New York State standards – better than 10 mg/l BOD5, 10 mg/l TSS, 4 mg/l NH3-N, 10 mg/l TN and 1 mg/l P with disinfection. This plant was just started-up at the end of June so no results are yet available

Plant Configuration

Custom steel tank with remotely installed pumps and blowers

Date Shipped
April 2010

Process Description

MLE/MBR with alum dosing for phosphorus reduction plus UV disinfection

Project Details

This plant is somewhat unusual because the normal design flow is quite low but a few times a year, when the College has significant events, the daily flow will increase significantly. Rather than design the plant for these occasional peak flows, the plant was designed with a larger-than-normal aerated flow equalization tank. This plant is installed indoors, in a maintenance garage building.

Because of the potential for hydrocarbon contamination or other non-domestic wastes in the sewage stream, this plant was built utilizing the cMBR "SaniBrane®" ceramic membranes. The ceramic membranes are nearly indestructible and can be cleaned with high back-pressure, hot water and strong chemicals without damage.

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